The VW Golf with almost half a million miles on the clock

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Roy Dyson of Devon in the south west UK must be amazed! In 2002, Roy bought a silver 51-plate Volkswagen Golf S TDI, soon after he had relocated from Lancashire in the north. At the time, Roy's diesel VW Golf had just a smidgen over 6,000 miles on the 'clock', but he and his wife knew that, having just retired, they would be racking up plenty of miles each year, visiting their friends and family back in the north. Day trips, long weekends away, trips back to Lancashire plus their day to day life, soon resulted in their Volkswagen Golf showing 30,000 on the dashboard.
This might not sound much in general, but bear in mind they had purchased the Golf in the May of 2002 with 6,000 miles, and the 30,000 had been reached by December, only seven months later.

Maintaining their relentless miles behind the wheel, Roy and his wife managed to notch up an incredible 250,000 miles in their diesel Golf by June 2007. Another incredible thing is that during this time, having added 244,000 miles to the clock since they purchased it 5 years earlier, the Golf TDI hadn't broken down!

The Golf's first breakdown occurred soon after the 300,000 mark had been reached, when the AA breakdown recovery service had to replace the alternator by the side of the road. In eight years of ownership up to the winter months in 2010, Roy states that the only other problems had been down to the weather, such as one night when they had to stay locked in their car due to a snow storm. In all this time, their trusty Golf hadn't even picked up many accidents. In fact, it has only ever suffered one, when the nearside back door got damaged when the car slid on ice.

Volkswagen cars are known to be reliable in comparative terms, but who would have thought that by 2012, Roy's Golf TDI would have been able to tally up 450,000 miles, and still be running strong? As you might expect, they have looked after the car well, washing it fortnightly and having the oil changed regularly as part of frequent servicing. It has munched its way through several sets of Michelin Energy tyres and has had new brakes fitted quite a few times, as well as wheel bearings, and a new cambelt every 60,000 miles. But these are types of maintenance items all cars should be given as regularly as per the manufacturer's recommendations – or more, if you can afford it.

Roy's ethos is a pre-emptive one when it comes to caring for his Volkswagen Golf. If he notices or hears a car part showing signs that it is wearing out, he will get the part(s) replaced, instead of waiting for them to fail. So Roy's approach, plus this Volkswagen Golf's marvellous endurance, mean Roy will hopefully be celebrating reaching half a million miles sometime early on in 2013.

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