NEWSFLASH: Over half of Brits don't trust self-driving cars

Top scientific research has found that 58% of drivers wouldn't trust a self-driving car. Shame on them. David Hasselhoff judges them harshly.

In one of the most blindingly awesome surveys ever undertaken, by Motorpoint (that's the UK's leading car supermarket group, everyone), the majority of 2,000 baffled respondents said they wouldn't trust a computer to drive them anywhere.
Unfortunately, none of the respondents were asked whether they'd trust any specific robots to drive for them - we expect Robocop, the T-1000, Johnny 5 and Bender would all do quite well. C-3PO, not so much.

Here's a quote from Motorpoint's press release:

It seems that although 42% were prepared to sit back and let a computer do the work, the majority of motorists are not quite ready to hand over the pleasure of driving cars like the Peugeot RCZ 2.0 HDi GT 2DR of which Motorpoint has plenty in stock. All are at delivery mileage for £19,999 giving a saving of £5,575*. These Peugeot's [sic] are available in a variety of metallic paint colours.

And they say cryptic advertising is dead.
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