Life begins at 41 for adventurous Brits

Caroline Cassidy

They say life begins at 41 but according to a new survey, the adventure starts a year later. The poll, commissioned to coincide with the Discovery Channel's new Unleash The Adventurer season, revealed that most thrill-seeking Brits take on their biggest challenge at 41.

Brits take biggest adventure at 41
Brits take biggest adventure at 41

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Though 29 was the age at which most people feel ready for a big adventure, the majority wait a further 12 years before pursuing new and exciting activities.

More than 50 per cent said money was the reason they had to wait before exploring new opportunities, while family life and a lack of time also prevented many from seeking out an adrenaline rush at a younger age.

A majority of 70 per cent said activity holidays such as safaris were an adventure, as were challenging new hobbies like rock climbing. But even more sedate activities such as ballroom dancing were considered a new and exciting challenge for those who decided to learn a new skill.

For some 15 per cent of Brits, a package holiday alone was enough to get their adventuring spirit going.

The survey also revealed that the British adventurer we admire the most is 16th century explorer Sir Francis Drake, who successfully circumnavigated the globe, while Captain James Cook and Scott of the Antarctic were second and third respectively.

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