Brit fell 80ft from Magaluf hotel balcony 'trying to get rid of spider'

Ruth Doherty
Brit fell 80ft from Magaluf hotel balcony 'trying to get rid of spider'
Brit fell 80ft from Magaluf hotel balcony 'trying to get rid of spider'


A British woman who fell 80ft from a hotel balcony in Magaluf has revealed that she lost her footing when she was trying to get rid of a spider in her suitcase.

Chantelle Serginson, 24, from Middlesborough, broke her legs in multiple places and fractured her skull following the fall from the sixth floor of the three-star Hotel Marina Barracuda, where a canopy prevented the injuries from being worse.

Original reports suggested she had been having an argument with her mother, Kimberley, but she set the record straight to The Northern Echo, explaining: "We weren't having a row. You would laugh if you heard what happened.

"We had found a spider in the suitcase and we were shouting and laughing about who was going to throw it out, saying, 'You throw it out, no you throw it out'.

"In the end we both grabbed the suitcase and threw the spider out."

And that's when her daughter lost her balance and fell. Kimberley, who is still in Spain with Chantelle, said her daughter was doing well, adding: : "She's doing just fine, she's talking and everything, it's been brilliant that she's doing so well."

Meanwhile, a British holidaymaker is fighting for his life after becoming the fifth to fall from a hotel balcony in Magaluf in six weeks; three of the victims fell to their deaths.

Daniel Geary, 23, is in hospital after falling 20ft from the three-star Hotel Martinique on Sunday after a night out with friends.

According to the Mirror, a senior Civil Guard officer said: "This appears to have been an accident, possibly induced by heavy drinking."

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