Time-lapse video shows 2,500-mile helicopter flight across America

Time-lapse video shows 2,500-mile helicopter flight across AmericaYouTube

A British helicopter pilot has documented a 2,500 mile coast to coast flight across America in an amazing time-lapse video.

Mark Skinner, who co-founded the California based company Anaheim Helicopters, took 20,000 photos over the 21-hour journey crossing eight states from Jacksonville, Florida, to Santa Monica, California, then turned them into a short film.

The video shows the journey in just four minutes and 24 seconds, when in reality it took over four days.

Mr Skinner had to land 14 times for fuel, and used 315 gallons for the trip, while a special camera took photos every five seconds.

He told the Daily Mail: "It was an amazing adventure. We had to cross some of the wildest country in America, including mountains and deserts."

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