Dutch firm offers quick breaks for couples at 'Divorce Hotels'

Caroline Cassidy

A Dutch entrepreneur has come up with a novel way to ensure couples don't suffer a long drawn out divorce. Jim Halfen's firm allows those set on separation the chance to get important advice on all aspects of splitting up at Divorce Hotels around the Netherlands.

Dutch firm launchs divorce hotels
Dutch firm launchs divorce hotels

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Estranged couples can book in for a two-day stay where lawyers will talk them through the finer details of alimony, splitting assets, visitation rights and other issues, giving them "an affordable 5-star divorce made-to-measure" after just one weekend break.

The Divorce Hotel concept created by Mr Halfens, brings lawyers, mediators and, of course, the divorcees-to-be together at one of a number of five-star hotels, where an assessment ensures the couple's suitability for the process and takes them through the legalities.

By the end of their short break, all that remains to be done (according to Dutch law) is to show the resulting agreement to a judge.

Sales manager Ninke Bons told Sky News: "We treat them as any other guests, we just try to keep a closer eye on them or make sure they are not wandering around by themselves.

"Just as an example - we would normally enquire if a guest enjoyed their stay at the hotel. Well, obviously that's not very appropriate in the case of the Divorce Hotel."

Mr Halfens hopes the idea will take off in other countries and has suggested that the USA and Germany may soon get the Divorce Hotel treatment.

What do you think? Would Divorce Hotels take off in the UK and would you take advantage of such a service? Leave your comments below...