Charity welcomes lower drink drive limit for Scotland

Road safety charity Brake has welcomed the plan to lower the drink drive limit in Scotland - and called for the British Government to follow suit.

Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill announced that proposals to lower the drink drive limit in Scotland will be discussed this year, "with a view to the change taking effect as soon as possible". It will reduce the limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.
But while Brake has welcomed the move, it is still pressing for a 20mg limit - a de facto zero tolerance approach.

"We're pleased that the Scottish Government is taking heed of the warning that road safety charities and the EU are sending out about the current drink-drive limit. It's certainly a step in the right direction and one that we commend, and we would like to see the British Government also lowering the drink-drive limit," said Brake's Sarah Fatica.

"However, a 50mg limit does still leave some level of confusion for the general public about what is safe," she added. "Far too many lives are lost on UK roads annually because of drink drivers. If we had a zero-tolerance approach to drink driving, lives would be saved."

One in seven road deaths in 2010 involved drink drivers, and 1,230 road casualties happened when someone was over the drink-drive limit.
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