Airport luggage driver crashes into Flybe plane after heart attack

Airport luggage driver crashes into Flybe plane after 'heart attack'PA

An airport luggage driver has crashed into a Flybe plane on the Isle of Man after suffering a heart attack at the wheel.

The driver was taken from the tarmac in an ambulance, and a Flybe spokesperson confirmed he is in a "stable condition".

Passengers were told the news as they were waiting to board the lunchtime flight to Bristol, and were later transferred to Flybe's Birmingham flight.

One passenger said the incident was the last in a string of things that had gone wrong that day, including the morning flight from Liverpool suffering mechanical problems that had already caused flight delays.

He told the Isle of Man Examiner: "My flight was supposed to go to Bristol but was put back to 3pm.

"We were all getting ready to start the queue when we were summoned to Gate Two and a Flybe representative said a man had had a heart attack going with the luggage to the plane.

"He was at the wheel and had crashed into the side of the plane, which was damaged.
"We were told to continue waiting and then our flight was merged with the Birmingham flight and it didn't leave until 5.40pm.

"The captain came out from the cockpit and said it had been a terrible day with Flybe and he could understand why everyone was annoyed. He said the plane would be an insurance write off.

"There were still delays after our plane left."

Flybe told Aol Travel: "A number of flights in and out of the Isle of Man were delayed on Saturday 26 May due to the collision between the ambilift vehicle and Flybe's stationary aircraft, which unfortunately caused considerable damage.

"We are pleased to learn that the individual involved is in a stable condition and apologise for any disruption to services following this unforeseen incident."

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