Petrol prices 'putting drivers off'

MotorwayThe love affair of people with their cars is cooling considerably, according to a survey.

Only 8% of drivers describe their motor as a "prized possession", the poll by rental service showed.
More than two-thirds (67%) say their car is "purely to get from A to B", with only 18% bothering to name their cars and a third not even able to remember their vehicle's registration number.

Based on responses from 2,000 people, the survey also revealed that 25% believed it was less important to own a car today than it was 10 years ago, with the ever- increasing running costs coupled with rising petrol prices sparking a change in attitudes towards driving.

WhipCar also highlighted recent Government figures showing the number of under 30-year-olds obtaining driving licences having fallen by 20% since 1992.

The company also cited another recent survey showing that 38% of motorists intended to give up driving within a year if petrol prices continued to rise.

WhipCar co-founder Vinay Gupta said: "People used to love getting behind the wheel and just going for a drive. These days, trips are more carefully considered."
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