Family trumps career in life survey

FamilyA long-lasting marriage and raising children are more important than material possessions or careers, according to a survey of what people think are life's greatest achievements and aspirations.

Friends of the Elderly found a remarkable similarity between what over-55s thought were the best things they have achieved so far and what young people saw as their top aspirations.

The charity asked 4,000 people about what they thought constituted a life lived well.

And it found eight out of 10 over-55s are happy with how their lives turned out.

Friends of the Elderly chief executive Richard Furze said: "Reaching a certain age affords the opportunity to understand what really matters in life and it's no surprise to see that it's commitment to people rather than possessions that counts.

"It's heartening to see that this is already understood by those at the start of their adult lives too."

The charity found that 25% of over-55s said their greatest achievement was a marriage that lasts for life, while 19% said becoming a parent was the best thing they had done so far.

Being happy (8%) and staying healthy (7%) were ranked in third and fourth place, the charity said.

The responses from 18-24 year-olds showed that 26% also thought a marriage that lasts for life was their most important aspiration, while being happy was ranked in second place with 14%.

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