BMW facelifts the 7 Series. We think.

BMW has issued a press release saying it has facelifted the 7 Series. We're not calling BMW a liar or anything, but...

Says BMW, it's got a new grille, a new air intake and some chrome on it. Ok.
In fairness to BMW, there's nothing much wrong at all with the way the 7 Series looks, so there was no need to ring massive changes and ruin it.

The whole car is slightly lower now, the indicators are in a slightly different place, and - we kid you not - the rear lights are a deeper shade of red.

The whole thing is more comfy thanks to suspension changes and, most notably, there's a range of new powertrain options. They include the addition of a hybrid for the first time to the 7 Series range.

The 730d - the one everyone buys - now has 254bhp, while returning 50.4mpg and 148g/km, which is astonishing really. That one starts from £58,115, and it's an extra three grand for the long wheelbase version.

The new ActveHybrid7 is £66,000. It's got 350bp, hits 62mph in 5.7 seconds, yet returns more than 40mpg. Nice.

And the top spec 760Li is £102,000, with an insane 537bhp from a V12 engine with two turbos. It takes 4.6 seconds to reach the benchmark, but manages just 21mpg.

It goes on sale 22 September.
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