British teacher fighting for life after metal bar attack in Thailand

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A British teacher is fighting for his life in hospital after being brutally attacked with a metal bar by a stranger in the holiday resort of Pattaya in Thailand.

Adam Pickles, 40, is in a coma and needed emergency brain surgery after the attack, which occurred when he was driving home from a night out playing pool.

Mr Pickles had only just recovered from a motorbike crash that left him in a coma, and meant he missed the birth of his eight-month-old son Benjamin.

Now friends and family are rallying round to get the funds needed for his medical care.

Adam's parents have flown from their home in Leeds to be with him in hospital.

His mum told the Daily Mail: :"'It breaks my heart. The days seem very long, just waiting, waiting, hoping he'll come back to us. It's any mum's worst nightmare."

Mrs Pickles added: "They have said this week is the crucial time as to whether he makes it."

Adam was attacked when he drove home from a bar in the Nong Prue district. On the way he got out of his car at one point, although it is not known why, and he was beaten over the head and left for dead.

A stranger found him and he was rushed to hospital where he had surgery to remove blood clots from his brain.

A Facebook page has been set up to raise funds for his care, which could cost around £70,000.

His best friend Neil Clappison, from Leeds, told the paper: 'It feels completely unreal that this is happening to Adam after all he went through last year.

"It was horrendous for him to miss the birth of his beautiful son, so what is happening now seems almost unbelievable.

"We are doing everything we can to raise the money needed to ensure Adam survives and then to bring him home.

"The hospitals there are ruthless and if they don't have the money on a per day basis, they may leave you to die.

"We won't let this happen to somebody who really is one in a million."