Real diamond paint set to come to market

The most splendiferously decadent paint ever has been invented by tuning and styling company Gemballa. It uses actual diamonds. Facepalm.

The company has ground down thousands of diamonds to create the paste. The challenge, we're told, was to exact the thickness of each diamond so as to retain the sparkle, while allowing it to be used in the paint.
"Since a diamond reflects light according to the number of facets showing, this actually turned out to be an advantage. The greater the number of stones present in a given area, the greater the refractive surface, so the thousands of facets reflecting the light through the innovative GEMBALLA process creates an incomparable shine," says a company press release.

No news about price, but look forward to seeing one of the characters from Coronation Street rock up to the Rovers Return in a diamond-finished Gemballa soon...
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