Airbus builds extra-wide seats for US air companies - and they'll charge more

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Airbus has announced that is to offer extra wide seats on its new A320 passenger jets in order to accommodate larger passengers.

And it looks like the extra-large seats will lead to extra large profits.

At the moment, A320 seats measure 18 inches wide, reports. With a bit of reconfiguration, the company is now offering two 20-inch seats on each side of the aircraft's single aisle in lieu of three 18-inch seats.

"These seats are not meant just for overweight passengers," Airbus' aircraft interiors director Zuzana Hrnkova said at a press conference.

"Mothers with children may be ready to pay a little more in order to be able to keep their babies in their lap, and large football players may be interested."

The airlines could make as much as $3 million in extra profits over a 15-year period by charging extra for the extra wide seats, the AFP says.

So far, only two unidentified American airlines have expressed interest in the extra-wide seats, and there is likely good reason for that.

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