Crash! Lamborghini turns left, spins, hits two cars

Turning left at a set of traffic lights does not seem the hardest manoeuvre in the world – unless you are a Lamborghini driver who accelerates too hard and spins.

The financial cost of this lapse in concentration is likely to be pretty high – one badly damaged Gallardo and two other cars as collateral damage. However, it is not as high as the damage to the reputation of the driver, whose acquaintances will all forever know him as the idiot that crashed a Lamborghini on YouTube.Perhaps this should be the way safe driving is promoted to supercar drivers. Instead of saying, "This car is very fast and could kill someone if you behave stupidly", they should say, "Be as daft as you like. Whatever you do will be on YouTube for the rest of time. If you don't kill yourself, you might wish you had."

Whether the driver now tries to sue Lamborghini remains to be seen, given that this is the USA. In the 1980s a driver who crashed a Porsche 911 Turbo tried to sue Porsche on the grounds that the car was dangerously fast.
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