Trouble in paradise: Two thirds of couples row on holiday

Caroline Cassidy

No doubt thousands of Britons across the country are already looking forward to their annual summer holiday but a new survey has revealed it's not all fun in the sun when it comes to going abroad.

couples argue on holiday
couples argue on holiday

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The poll of 2,000 adults, by online travel agent Ebookers, found that rows are almost guaranteed for a lot of holidaymakers, with two thirds of couples confessing they ended up arguing during their trip.

One in four respondents claimed the rows broke out within the first three days of starting their holiday, with money and how much time to spend together the most common cause of heated debates.

While women blamed alcohol for causing arguments more than any other factor, green-eyed British men claimed their partner checking out potential partners on the beach was the usual trigger.

An unhappy 50 per cent fell out before they'd even left home, with more than half arguing over possible destinations and 37 per cent having a tiff over the often frustrating booking process.

Relationship psychologist Jo Hemmings told the Daily Mail: "The truth is we're working harder than ever before and taking fewer holidays. So, by the time we actually go away, we're exhausted and often irritable - the perfect recipe for arguments."

However, it's not all bad news for holidaying couples - 56 per cent of those surveyed insisted their relationship grew stronger during the course of their break.

Do you row on holiday or is it all about R'n'R when you hit the beach? Leave your comments below...