Suzuki Swift does 764-mile New Zealand run on one tank

A journalist from New Zealand decided to take a Suzuki Swift from Auckland to Wellington and back on just one tank of fuel.

He failed, but he only fell short by 37 miles before the Swift 1.3 DDiS's tank ran dry - meaning it went for 764 miles on one 42-litre tank of diesel.
Amazingly, that's 83.4mpg - a 16.1mpg improvement on the car's official combined figure.

The driver, Donn Anderson, reckons he might have made it home had he not encountered high winds and torrential rain.

Sure enough, a Swift DDiS has indeed achieved a higher mpg figure, in the UK. Another journalist, Ross Durkin of Fleet World magazine, entered the annual MPG Marathon last year and achieved 86.4mpg over a 360-mile route.
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