Stunning Renault Alpine concept leaks

The picture above is a leaked image of a new Renault. You're not dreaming.

Leaked onto the global blotting paper that is the internets, the wondrous blue thing above is the much anticipated Alpine concept, due to debut at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.
According to Autocar, the car is designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Alpine A110.

It's been known for some time that Renault is looking to resurrect the Alpine brand, and although this concept is not going to be made as seen (we assume - it'll cost too much), there's a chance a sporty Alpine coupé could come.

The concept is based on the Megane Trophy race car, says Autocar, and is mid-engined, powered by a 395bhp V6.

Alpine could become to Renault as Abarth is to Fiat, although it's unlikely - with Renaultsport already making hot versions of Renault's run-of-the-mill stuff, it's more probable that Alpines will be completely separate models, with all-new designs and Renault parts as hidden as possible.
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