K-Tec boosts Renaultsport Clio

K-Tec Racing has developed a tuning package for the awesome Renaultsport Clio 197 and 200, lifting power to 215bhp with 175lb.ft.

Small gains, apparently, but the company says that it has "created the 'KTR215' package with the goal of increasing driveability, response and outright engine performance on the Clio 197/200."
You may assume that it's just an engine management chip, but you'd be wrong. The package comprises a new set of high performance camshafts and caps, a new timing belt, and, yes, an ECU remap.

"Thanks to careful development of the revised cam profiles and ECU remapping by K-Tec Racing, the package adds both power and torque throughout the rev range," says a K-Tec press release.

The cost including fitting is £1,366.80 exactly, and it comes with a 12-month, 30,000-mile supplementary warranty.
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