Brawling friends to be separated on flight after knife threat

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Friends to be separated on flight after knife threat
Friends to be separated on flight after knife threat


The thought of sharing a room on holiday may not be your idea of paradise, but for one group of friends, it ended up in a knife fight - and they will now be sitting at opposite ends of the plane.

Marina Birks, Heather Dunn-Fox and Helen England booked a holiday to Bodrum, Turkey last Christmas, but it soon transpired that only two double rooms had been reserved, reports This is Staffordshire.

The women fell out so badly about who stayed in which room that a series of abusive texts ensued. The row escalated into a street brawl during which Ms Birks ended up being arrested for brandishing a knife.

The local news website says that Ms Birks, 52, appeared in court over the incident, which took place in a street in the town of Leek.

She told the paper: "There were no more rooms in the same hotel and I was told to find an alternative.

"I thought that was really petty behaviour from them because I would happily have shared."

Ms Birks, was given a 12-month community order with supervision after admitting harassment.

The three women are still going on the holiday on June 8 - but Ms Birks will be sitting somewhere else on the plane and will be staying in alternative accommodation.

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