Entire contents of UK airport up for auction

Entire contents of UK airport up for auctionRex

The entire contents of Plymouth City Airport are going up for sale - including everything from the check-in desks to the baggage trolleys.

The airport will go up for auction in Lincoln in July following its closure due to lack of business last December.

According to the Telegraph, the auction will be held by Peaker Pattinson Ltd, and includes runway vehicles, fire engines, generators, boilers, ticket machines, office furniture, metal detectors, mock cabins, and a two-storey office block.

Project manager at the auction house, Ian Clare, told the paper he was expecting a lot of different businesses to be interested, adding: "It's not unusual, we sell quite a bit of runway equipment, we do quite a lot for Gatwick. But this is the first time we have done an airport."

But not everyone is excited about the auction; local aviation group Viable are campaigning to have the airport reopened and called the move "a wrecking tactic".

The airport's owner Sutton Harbour Group announced the closure last year blaming competition from other airports.

It employed 56 staff, is surrounded by housing and was only being used by about 100 passengers per day.

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