Street party applications soar for Jubilee

We may be struggling through a double-dip recession but it seems a summer featuring the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee has got Britons in patriotic mood. Local councils have reportedly received 10,000 street party applications already, double that of last year's Royal Wedding.

Diamond Jubilee street party applications soar
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Figures compiled by the Local Government Association reveal that more than 6,500 roads are set to be closed for community get-togethers and, with 100 local authorities yet to declare their figures and many more parties being held without the need for an application, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations could rival that of the Coronation.

Currently the West Midlands has seen the highest number of requests, with 189 applications received, while 160 plans have been put in place by the patriotic folk of Hertfordshire. The local authority in Brighton and Hove have received 65 applications and Leeds has received 72 requests.

Furthermore, The Big Jubilee Lunch, an initiative aimed at getting communities together to share a meal, has seen 10 times as many requests for free information packs as for the Royal Wedding last year.

Flick Rea, chairman of the Local Government Association's culture and tourism board, told the Daily Mail: "It seems people had such a great time at street parties last year that they want to hold one again, and many of those who didn't get involved don't want to miss out this time round.

"Britain's street party tradition has been well and truly resurrected which is fantastic as it helps bring communities closer together."

Though time is running out road closure applications, the Health and Safety Executive yesterday urged residents to challenge local authorities that insist you need insurance to hold your knees-up.

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