Video: Great white shark stalks fisherman's boat in Bondi Beach

Video: Great white shark stalks fisherman's boat in Bondi BeachYouTube

A video of a 'hungry' great white shark chasing a fisherman's boat in Bondi Beach has emerged on YouTube - giving sunbathers and tourists food for thought.

The great white was after a small blue shark that had latched on to the fisherman's line, and is seen devouring the animal, filmed by very excited crew.

According to the Herald Sun, fisherman Henry Minter said he had never seen anything like it in all his years of work, adding: "It was on a 32-foot boat so the shark must have been at least 18 feet."

In a move surely not recommended by experts, the group can be seen taking turns in trying to touch the creature's nose.

Although experts who viewed the footage could not confirm it was Bondi Beach, a Waverley Council spokesperson said it is not uncommon for great whites to be spotted in the area and, in an attempt to reassure holidaymakers, told the Herald Sun: "We run regular patrols along the beach and out further through the bay to make sure our swimmers are protected from any threat."

However, attacks in NSW do occur; back in March 2012, a surfer who was left badly scarred by a terrifying shark attack saved his own life by riding his board to safety.

Glen Folkard, 44, was surfing on Redhead Beach, south of Newcastle, NSW, when he was attacked from underneath by a bull shark, according to The Sun.

The three-metre animal knocked him off his board and dragged him beneath the surface, taking a huge chunk out of his thigh.

But the shark momentarily let go, and Glen seized his chance for a getaway, managing to jump back on his board to ride a wave back to the beach, north of Sydney.

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