Video: Electric drag bike does 0-400 in 6.9 seconds

That's 400 metres, not 400mph. The bike you see above managed 0-402 metres in 6.94 seconds, to be precise - and it's a new world record for a quarter mile on an electric bike.

The Lawless Electric Rocket was driven by Larry 'Spiderman' McBride at Virginia Motorsports Park in the US. You can see the attempt in the video below.
McBride took the record from himself, having achieved a 7.47 time in September 2010, crossing the line at 177mph; this time around, he passed the post at 201mph.

The Lawless drag bike is based on the 2010 model, but was fettled by the famous motorcycle builders at Orange County Choppers (they're got their own telly show), using a new electric drivetrain built by an assortment of electrical specialist companies.

The bike's electric motor puts out an astonishing 1,000bhp, drawing power from a 121kg battery pack. That's about the same as having a Gavin & Stacey-era James Cordon strapped to the undercarriage.

The team aims to improve the bike further and do the run in under six seconds as some point.

Thanks to Gizmag for the story.
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