Travel apps you need

Thanks to the wonderful world of mobile apps, it's now possible to keep in touch with family and friends, play games and a whole lot more while on the move. In fact, with an app for everything, travelling has never been easier.

best travel apps

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If you're a globe-trotter or a frequent flyer, here are the apps you shouldn't be without.

Packing Pro
Ever get that nagging feeling you've forgotten something important? You're not alone. But with Packing Pro, that last-minute airport panic will be a thing of the past. This app ensures you'll forget nothing- not even those annoying household chores you need to do before you head off on your hols. Enter your own lists or use pre-existing checklists and you'll never leave those holiday essentials behind. A little over-whelming at first look, used properly Packing Pro will act as your very own personal assistant.

Take the stress out of air travel with this handy Android app. True to its title, it shows the arrivals and departures from almost 4,000 airports worldwide. Finding your nearest airport is easy and you can even search for a specific airline while switching between incoming and outbound flights. Further information about each flight can be brought up at the touch of a button, to give you expected departure or arrival times. If you're meeting a fellow traveller at the airport, you can even share the info via Facebook or Twitter, or advise friends and family when you're flight's running late.

Hedonist city guides have for some time provided information for fun-seeking backpackers and travellers on a budget - now their invaluable advice has been transferred to an app. Covering 41 cities from LA to Tokyo, the guide is arranged in categories including hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping, sights and things to do. With tips from city residents, the information is honest and open about its recommendations and can advise the keen traveller on hidden gems as well as the major tourist attractions.

The Kayak website has long provided travellers with a one-stop shop for best-priced flights, hotels and cars. It allows the user to search multiple travel sites to find those all-important cheap flights, hotel deals and car rental bargains. It's easy and quick to use and it could save you money - what's not to like?

Google Translate
Gone are the days of heavy dictionaries and limited phrase books. With Google Translate you'll never be lost for words, even if those words happen to be in Mandarin or Yiddish. With a database of 50 languages, words can be entered as text or via the Conversation mode, which translates speech. You do, however, require an internet connection but useful phrases or words can be saved and, while you suddenly become fluent in several languages, at least you'll be able to communicate without fear of embarrassing, or worse still offensive, mistakes. Don't leave home without it.
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