10 of the world's most pampered pets

Barack Obama with his dog BoCelebrities often like to treat their four-legged friends to the same lavish lifestyles that they enjoy.

From US president Barack Obama's dog Bo to George Clooney's much-loved Vietnamese pot-bellied pig Max, here are 10 of the lucky animals that have been spoilt rotten by their famous owners.

1. Tinkerbell Hilton
Paris Hilton's tiny chihuahua Tinkerbell can often be seen peeking out of Hilton's numerous designer handbags.

When not being carried around by her owner, however, she spends her time in the $325,000 dog house in the garden of Hilton's Beverly Hills pad.

2. Bubbles Jackson
Bubbles the chimpanzee, who appeared alongside his owner Michael Jackson for more than a decade, has outlived the King of Pop and is now being cared for at an animal range in California.

At the height of his fame, the chimp, who slept in a crib in Jackson's bedroom and often wore the same outfits as his famous owner, even had his own bodyguard.

3. Bit Bit Spears
Like Paris Hilton, singer Britney Spears also has a much-loved chihuahua called Bit Bit. Accompanying her mistress to some of the finest restaurants in America, she is often invited to sample the wallet-busting dishes herself.

She also attends flash celebrity events, in some cases wearing a diamond-encrusted collar.

4. Tommaso Assunta
Moggy Tommaso, who started his life as a stray roaming the streets of Rome, recently became the richest feline in the world after inheriting a fortune of $13 million, as well as properties in Rome and Milan.

The inheritance was left to him by his former mistress - Italian heiress Maria Assunta - who died last year.

5. The Queen's corgis
As far as the Queen is concerned, nothing but the best will do for her beloved corgis, who eat restaurant quality dinners prepared specially for them by the Royal chefs.

Apparently, Her Royal Highness herself also personally prepares Christmas stockings for each of the dogs.

6. Bo Obama
America's "first dog" Bo Obama first hit the headlines at the tender age of six months, when Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy gave him to the Obama family.

A Portuguese water dog, Bo is reported to have cost Kennedy a cool $1,600. He has since been replicated by a soft toy manufacturer and starred in several children's books.

7. Max Clooney
Vietnamese pot-bellied pig Max shared actor George Clooney's Hollywood Hills mansion for 18 years before passing away from natural causes in 2006.

There are rumours that the spoilt pig, who weighed about 130kg and once had a ride in John Travolta's private jet, even put an end to at least one of Clooney's relationships because he refused to shut Max out of the house.

8. Indo Smith
Indo is one of four rottweilers owned by actor Will Smith.

All four have had obedience training with "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan, while Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith is said to have splayed out around $1,600 on a treadmill that can be used to exercise them when their owners are too busy or tired.

9. JJ Carey
JJ is one of three Jack Russell terriers owned by singer Mariah Carey.

When several airlines refused to allow him to travel with Carey in first class due to his size, the outraged diva had her pampered pup transported around America in his own personal Mercedes instead.

10. Jinxy Longoria
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has a very soft spot for her Maltese dog Jinxy, about whom she has made several posts on social networking site Twitter.

Some say that the spoilt pooch's grooming routine is even more rigorous than her owner's!

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10 of the world's most pampered pets

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