Very rare Jag E-Type Lightweight for sale

The Motorexpo in Canary Wharf will host the sale of "one of the most desirable E-Types to come to open market in recent years."

The 1963 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight No. 14 is extremely rare and has a very unusual history. Jaguar only made 12 Lightweight E-Type race cars, although as the name suggests, this one is number 14. How so?
It's because aside from the original 12 cars, Jag made six extra body shells, eight engines and a few gearboxes.

After racing driver Peter Lindner was involved in a fatal crash in his Lightweight at Montlhéry in 1964, the car was stripped and rebuilt using body shell number 14. After the restoration, which took place in the mid '70s, both the re-built car and the original crashed body shell were put on display at the Rosso Bianco Museum.

Both were bought by a company called Classic Motor Cars in 2007, who stripped the restored car and re-built it to original Lightweight specification. To do so, it got an all-alloy engine from the USA, a ZF gearbox from E-Type specialist Eagle E-Types, and a set of parts from a 1963 E-Type Roadster.

The result is a car that's as close to a brand new Lightweight as is possible, "truly representative of the iconic Works cars of 1963," according to seller H&H.

There's no word on how much it's expected to sell for, though with the values of the 12 original Lightweights are increasing annually, H&H says it "represents potentially wonderful value for money."

The Motorexpo takes place in June, and will also see the sale of the only Lamborghini Reventon in the UK.
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