British holidaymaker dies after reaching summit of Mount Vesuvius

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British holidaymaker dies after reaching summit of Mount Vesuvius
British holidaymaker dies after reaching summit of Mount Vesuvius

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A British holidaymaker has died after suffering a heart attack at the top of Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

Thomas Maley, 64, was with his wife and a group of tourists when he collapsed after reaching the famous summit.

The group had arrived at Mount Vesuvius by coach after leaving their hotel, La Badia, in nearby Sorrento.

The volcano erupted in AD79 famously burying the city of Pompeii, and the group had visited the museum and site in the morning, before visiting the crater.

According to the Daily Mail, a police spokesman in Ercolano said: "The victim was taken ill by the crater after arriving on a coach with other holidaymakers including his wife. It looks like he had a heart attack, the altitude could have something to do with it, as where it happened was around 1,200 metres.

"One of our patrols was already at the scene as their is a protest going on there at the moment by Vesuvius park staff so they also called for an ambulance and in total they spent 35 minutes trying to revive him but there was nothing that could be done for him."
Mr Maley and his, who was born in Sheffield, was on a trip with Riviera Travel, and was due to return to England on Friday.

Thew news comes just after an elderly British tourist died while hiking in Gran Canaria after being overcome by heat.

Wendy Richardson, 78, collapsed 40 minutes into a guided tour, and is thought to have died from a heart attack, despite efforts by paramedics to revive her at the scene.

She was one of seven British holidaymakers affected by the searing 40C heat while trekking in the Presa del Salto del Perro in the southern part of the island.

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