Airline staff found 'stealing alcohol and caviar' from flights

Ruth Doherty
Airline staff found 'stealing alcohol and caviar' from flights
Airline staff found 'stealing alcohol and caviar' from flights


A number of staff members from India's national airline Air India have been caught stealing alcohol and caviar from flights, according to the aviation minister.

Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh read out a statement in parliament that highlighted a host of theft cases, according to the BBC.

One team member was caught by the customs department taking 372 mini liquor bottles from a plane, while one catering officer was found with £233 worth of caviar from a chartered flight.

The statement also said that in one case a pilot was found flying for another airline while still on Air India's payroll.

The vigilance department is investigating 161 cases that go back year, according to Mr Singh.

Air India is facing large financial problems, and its pilots have been on strike for 10 days in a row over training schedules.

Around 200 Air India pilots called in sick 10 days ago, forcing the airline to cancel a host of international flights, and the strike is costing them around £115,550 a day.

Airline staff stealing from their employer or passengers is not a new phenomenon; last year, the crew of a Virgin Atlantic jet were arrested for allegedly stealing the money a passenger paid for a flight upgrade.

Seven stewards and stewardesses were accused of pocketing the £3000 cash a man paid to be moved into first class.

The customer used cash because, ironically, credit card payments were banned on the flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Heathrow under Virgin's anti-fraud policy.

But instead of processing the payment through the books, the crew of Airbus A340-600 allegedly kept the money for themselves.

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