British tourist dies while hiking during heatwave in Gran Canaria

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British tourist dies after heatwave in Gran Canaria
British tourist dies after heatwave in Gran Canaria

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A British tourist has died while hiking in Gran Canaria after being overcome by heat.

The 78-year-old woman, who has not been named, collapsed 40 minutes into a guided tour, and is thought to have died from a heart attack, despite efforts by paramedics to revive her at the scene.

She was one of seven British holidaymakers affected by the searing 40C heat while trekking in the Presa del Salto del Perro in the southern part of the island.

Another female companion is thought to have suffered a heart attack, and was revived by paramedics before being flown by helicopter to the Hospital de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrin.

One other lady was treated for breathing difficulties, while four British men were also treated at the scene for heart-related problems, according to the Daily Mail.

The paper reports that an unnamed UK tour operator organised the walk, even thought heatwave warnings had been in place since Thursday.

In a separate incident, another British holidaymaker died on the island on the same day, according to canaries

A hiker fell down a ravine while out in the Baranco de Azuaje, and efforts to revive him at the scene failed.

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