Brits' favourite long-haul destination is...

America named favourite long-haul destination for Brits (and Spain for short)PA

America is our favourite long-distance destination, according to a recent travel poll.

Over 40% voted the US the top spot in the survey carried out by Homes and Holidays magazine.

The Caribbean came in at second place with 17.8% of the vote, while Australia was third with 8.7%.

The US is also home to our favourite city break destination: New York. The Big Apple was closely followed by Barcelona, and then Paris.

The perennial favourite Spain was unsurprisingly voted the best place for a short-haul holiday with 31.1% of the vote, followed by Greece and Italy.

Closer to home, Devon and Cornwall were named the top places for a staycation, with the Lake District and Scotland following after.

The Mirror's Homes and Holidays Travel Editor Marjorie Yue said: "Our travel poll reveals our love affair with ­America is as strong ever. Thanks to the ­celebrity, the glitz and famous good service, for many it's our dream trip. Nearer to home, Spain still delivers what most of our readers wish for from a holiday – sun, sea, sand and great value."

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Brits' favourite long-haul destination is...

While holidays to Turkey still represent great value for money for Brits,'s price comparison found that flights to Dalaman have increased by 25 per cent since last year, with the average flight now costing around £264.

It's one of the world's most vibrant holiday destinations, and this is the year to book a flight! The average air fare for 2012 is £586. Last year, prices were around £709 - so they were 17 per cent more expensive. Don't miss our guide to Rio de Janeiro.

Despite the fact that overall holiday prices to Greece have been falling due to the recent unrest, the average price of a flight to Kos is up by a whopping 47 per cent. This year, you'll pay around £236 for a return flight. Average prices for 2011 were just £160.

Last year, San Diego was named America's luckiest city by Men's Health magazine, and holidaymakers are getting lucky with airfares too. Flight prices are down by 13 per cent for 2012. They now average at £468, compared with £535 last year.

Dubrovnik is fast becoming the European holiday choice for savvy travellers, not least because Croatia still represents great value for money for Brits. And the even better news is that average flight prices to Dubrovnik have fallen by 41 per cent. This year you'll pay £137 (last year, prices averaged at £233). Don't miss our guide to Dubrovnik.

Despite the turmoil that has continued in Eygpt since February 2011, causing a sharp fall in the the number of holidaymakers, flight prices to Sharm el Sheikh have risen sharply. Last year prices hovered at around £296. You'll pay 21 per cent more for a return flight this year, with prices averaging at £357.

A duty-free haven with sunshine all year it may well be, but average flight fares to this Canary Island hotspot are up by 9 per cent this year. You'll pay an average of £224 this year, compared with £206 12 months ago.

Spain still comes top of the list the most searched-for holiday destinations, according to latest results from Skyscanner. But flight prices to certain destinations are looking steeper, with fares to Murcia up by 30 per cent. According to, average flight prices have leapt from £125 in 2011 to £161 for 2012.

The USA ranks second in Brits' most searched-for destinations. And 2012 is a particularly good year to book a flight to Miami - prices are 23 per cent down. says the average flight price for this year is £453. This is down from £587 last year. 

Italy is one of the top five most popular destinations for Brits - and the good news is that air fares to Florence for 2011 have plummeted. According to, prices now average at £108. This is nearly half the price for 2011 (£204) - a total reduction of 47 per cent. Don't miss our travel guide to Florence.

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