Travel insurers issue warning over medical cover

Declare medical conditions to avoid bankruptcy, travel insurers warnPA

It's important to buy travel insurance but equally as important to declare existing medical conditions if you want to avoid banruptcy, a travel insurance company has warned.

Around eight to 15 per cent of people declare existing conditions to their insurers but online company OK To Travel says the actual number of people with a medical condition at the time of booking could be higher.

Iain Sykes of OK To Travel said: 'We believe there are a significant number who fail to declare.

'Some fear they'll be declined, others worry they'll be given an unaffordable quote. But many fail to declare medical conditions because they don't realise they need to.'

Iain continued: 'A lot of people wrongly believe if they're on medication and the condition is being controlled it doesn't count.

'But if you suffer a health problem abroad and your insurer considers your existing medical condition to be the root cause, you won't be covered if you didn't declare that condition.'

A heart attack in Spain could leave you with a medical bill of between £15,000 and £30,000. If you need to go home by ambulance from the mainland this could cost you £18,000 or up to £30,000 from the Canaries.

In the US the medical expenses for a heart attack ranges from £80,000 to a whopping £300,000.

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