The Fixer: TalkTalk confusion

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This week, she takes on telephone giant TalkTalk, which has been chasing one AOL Money reader for charges built up on an account that he believed closed after switching to Sky last year.

Dear Fixer,
I switched my home phone services from TalkTalk to Sky last year and Sky told me it would see to everything including cancelling my TalkTalk service.

I therefore cancelled my direct debit after noticing that TalkTalk was still taking money out of my account, only to get a bill for £106 for cancelling a contract that - to my knowledge - no longer existed.

I refused to pay this bill as I no longer had an account with TalkTalk, but since then I have had numerous calls and letters both from TalkTalk and two dept collection agencies that it has put on my case.

I have had threats about visits from bailiffs and potential court proceedings, all of which is completely unacceptable - especially as I did not receive any TalkTalk services after the original cancellation date, which is when this bill dates from.

I have a copy of my original 18-month contract dated November 2007 and I can confirm that I only extended this once for a further 12 months, but I do not seem to be able to resolve this problem on my own.

Can you help me please?
K Belton, Goole

Dear Mr Belton,
TalkTalk claims that Sky never contacted it to cancel your account. Nevertheless, following my intervention, the company has agreed to waive all the charges relating to your former account, which has now be closed.

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: "We do not have a record of Mr Belton's contract being cancelled by Sky when he switched provider. However, as a goodwill gesture, we have ceased the service and waived all charges."

There should be no more threatening letters or calls from TalkTalk or either of the debt collection companies working with it as a result.

Any black marks on your credit file relating to this mix up should also be removed within the next couple of weeks.
The Fixer

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