£80,000 fare for world record black cab journey

Three friends from the UK have racked up an astonishing £80,000 fare in a black cab...

...Well, that's what they'd be expected to cough up if the meter was running on their taxi. Fortunately for them, it wasn't. No, this black cab looks set to become a record breaker, having started its journey 43,000 miles ago.
Paul Archer, Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell (all pictured) set off in their black cab in February 2011, and have since driven 43,000 miles across 50 countries, spanning four continents.

They paid £1,500 for the 333,000-mile black cab on eBay, and after naming it Hannah, set off on a trip that would see them drive through Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, India, and Armenia, to name a few.

It's thought that the Birmingham University students now hold the world record for the longest single taxi fare, although it's yet to be verified.

The trio, aged between 23 and 27 and from Leeds, Gloucestershire and Staffordshire, undertook the journey to raise money for charity, and have so far raised £20,000 for the British Red Cross.

Their epic journey sounds like movie material, with one of the group getting deported from Iran as a suspected spy. They were also detained at the Border of Moldova, but were eventually allowed to pass because, according to the BBC, the mother of one of their friends knew Moldavian President. As you do.

The group also believe they have broken the world record for the highest taxi journey, having passed through the Mount Everest base camp.
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