Video: DIY Transformer is probably the coolest toy ever made

This, everyone, is the Transformer Version 8. It's the surprise-and-delight work of a Japanese genius whose place in the pantheon of great thinkers and inventors is now assured.

It's built using a common-as-muck remote controlled car and 22 electric motors, so that it transforms as all Transformers should, but never actually do.
According to Engadget, Version 8 was built by Kenji Ishida and a team from JS Robotics.

There's no hint that it's set for production - which is a tragedy, because should this go on sale it would, without doubt, lead to a Jingle All The Way style shopper frenzy, surpassing anything that's ever happened outside an Apple store. Easily.

The inside of the case at the start of the video suggests that Version 8 is even controlled using a modified PS3 pad. How cool is that?

Watch and enjoy...
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