Holiday beach horror as decapitated horse found in Cornwall

Holiday beach horror as pony found beheaded in Cornwall
Holiday beach horror as pony found beheaded in Cornwall

Pentewan Beach: Alamy

A decapitated horse has been found on a beach popular with holidaymakers.

The animal was found left on the beach with a driftwood cross topped with the body of a dead seagull.

The beheaded horse was found on Pentewan beach near Mevagissey, Cornwall, on Bank Holiday Monday with "Rest in Peace" written in the sand beside it, according to the The Sun.

A fisherman told the paper: "I've seen many carcasses of seals and dolphins washed up on the foreshore over the years and some have been mutilated as the result of propeller injuries.

"This animal has no such injuries and the head seems to have been removed surgically as a clean cut.

"The way it was arranged makes me shudder. I believe whoever did this is sick and needs help.

"It really seems like some sort of black magic ceremony has taken place."

In Lincolnshire, a family are offering a £1,000 reward for information about an attack on a pregnant mare, who was treated by a vet but died after her foal was stillborn.

Both attacks happened on a day linked with satanic animal sacrifice.

According to the BBC, Devon and Cornwall police are not treating the death on Pentewan Beach as suspicious, and believe it may have been dumped by a boat and killed with a propellor.

They also believe the cross and seagull were placed by someone not connected with the animal's death.

Pentewan Beach is set in an area known as the Cornish Riviera, and the Pentewan Sands Holiday Park sits just behind it. Beachgoers and tourists can hire dinghies, canoes and other facilities from the Holiday Park.

The beach is set on the South West Coast Path and walkers enjoy the Pentewan Leisure Trail.

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