Amazing new £1.2m gullwing supercar...powered by you

The Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is one of the most stunning and expensive new supercars in the world...and by far the slowest. That's because the £1.2m machine is actually a four-wheeled pushbike underneath.

Created by Austrian Hannes Langedar, creator of the Ferdinand GT3 RS (aka The World's Slowest Porsche), the name is derived from the German word "Fahrrad," meaning bike. It is, of course, a play on Ferrari.
The front end is styled to look like an Enzo Ferrari, although the similarities begin and end there...well, that's not quite true, because with a £1.2 price tag, it's possible to get an Enzo for about the same money.

Why the ludicrous sum? Well, it's quite simple: that's the price that Langedar has put on it. Whether someone will stump up the cash is another matter.

Currently on display at the Lentos Museum of Art in Linz, Austria, the Fahrradi took more than one year to build, with a chassis that combines plastic tubing and steel, and a body whose headlamps comprise 200 LEDs - more than the average Audi, even (probably).

It can be powered by one or two occupants, and the pedals are attached to a 'butterfly mechanism' that makes the gullwing doors flap slightly, like wings; the word "farfalla" is butterfly in Italian. So there you go.

As you can see from the video below, its creator clearly has a sense of humour - the 'i' in Fahrradi is "borrowed from the Apple society," says his website. (Finally, someone is being honest about that.)

Its butterfly mechanism gives it "anti-gravitation" by ensuring "it is possible to lift off slightly from the ground at all times," and it was conceived with "a substantial portion of clairvoyance."

Langedar is currently working on something called the Veyron UC. We have absolutely no idea what that could be, but it sounds exciting.

Here's the (genuinely amusing) video of the FFX:

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