Video: Beachgoers enjoy 'miracle' manatees display in Florida

Ruth Doherty
Video: Beachgoers enjoy 'miracle' manatees display on Florida beach
Video: Beachgoers enjoy 'miracle' manatees display on Florida beach

Stock photo: PA

A lucky group of beachgoers were treated to what has been described as a "miracle" display from a group of manatees who turned up to frolic in the sea at a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Craig and Gina Hossack were able to film the encounter, which is attracting a huge number of hits on YouTube.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Mr Hossack had just set up his beach chairs and umbrella, when he saw shadows in the surf that he initially thought was seaweed.

But he then noticed snouts poking out of the water, and realised it was five or six manatees, seemingly pups playing and vying for mum's attention.

Gina Hossack said crowds began to gather, taking pictures to remember the special moment.

She told the paper: "It was not only a miracle, it was a gift.

"It made us feel amazing that we were able to witnesses such a thing, who gets to see something like that?"

After about 30 minutes, the manatees got had had their fill of attention, and swam off into the deep.

Manatees are sometimes also called "sea cows"; they have paddle-like flippers, and can grow up to 13 ft long, and weigh up to 1,300lbs (590kg).

See the footage here:

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