No Top Gear until 2013?

The Jalopnik website is reporting that there may be no new Top Gear series until 2013.

The website is reporting Jeremy Clarkson as saying that Top Gear Live is the only occasion that the three presenters will be together in 2012, suggesting that there will be no TV series this year. Jalopnik is suggesting a link to the Olympics, but we are not sure why there is a connection between filming bicycles in East London and sending a film crew to an airfield in Surrey.It seems odd that the BBC's two biggest money-spinners are both being delayed this year – the traditional spring series of Doctor Who has been delayed until autumn 2012. It's not like they don't need the money after the recent spending cuts.

The news leaves petrol-heads somewhat bereft. The good news is that Fifth Gear is coming back in a new home. The bad news is that it will no longer be on a terrestrial channel – it is going to Discovery.

For those who can get Discovery, Fifth Gear is promising to be a lot better than when it was on Channel Five – the Fifth Gear team always said they produced the best programmes Five allowed them to make.
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