Image-conscious men cause beauty salon surge

Caroline Cassidy

It seems the rise of the metrosexual is by no means over. Men across the country are boosting beauty salon sales by booking in for manicures, hair removal and tanning.

men boost beauty salon sales
men boost beauty salon sales

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According to a nationwide survey, the number of male clients trying out beauty treatments has risen by a massive 66 per cent in the last 12 months.

The Beautiful Britain poll, commissioned by Salon Services UK & Ireland found that modern men are spending almost as much to look good as women - £92 for a hair cut, tanning treatment and massage, compared to £112 for women.

Though a hair cut remains the most popular reason for a trip to the salon, male demand for hair removal, manicures and tanning has reached record levels, giving the beauty industry a much-needed boost.

Scottish salons have already spotted the trend for male grooming and 74 per cent of beauty salons north of the border now offer treatments for image-conscious chaps.

Welsh lads are also determined to look their best. Some 47 per cent of Welshmen opted for hair removal, while a further 35 per cent used their local tanning salon to give them that sun-kissed look.

Richard Hull, managing director of Salon Services, told the Daily Mail: "Our customers are telling us that they are seeing a huge and increasing demand from men asking for beauty treatments. With the male hairdressing market estimated to be worth £1.2bn alone, this market now represents a significant opportunity for hairdressers and salons across the UK.

He added: "The growth of the male market is a significant contributing factor to this confidence and it shows no sign of slowing."

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