Costa Concordia company launch new £415m cruise ship

Costa Concordia company launch new £415m cruise shipAPF/Getty

Carnival Cruise Lines, the owners of the ill-fated Costa Concordia cruise ship, launched a brand new flagship luxury liner in Venice this weekend.

The Costa Fascinosa cost £415 million to build, weighs 114, 500 tonnes, and has 17 decks.

The ship, which will make its inaugural cruise on 11 May, can carry 3,800 passengers and crew, is 290 metres long, and boasts five restaurants 13 bars and a casino room.

The Costa Concordia ran aground and capsized in Gigli, off the northwest coast of Italy, in January, killing 32 people.

According to, the shipping line's boss said the tragedy "should not have happened and will never happen again".

Costa Concordia company launch new £415m cruise shipAFP/Getty

The company has put new safety measures into place, including a requirement that all passengers be trained in emergency procedures before the ship leaves port, says a report in the Daily Mail.

It has also set up an "advanced system to monitor fleet routes, involving both on-board and ground staff", said the paper.

Costa Concordia company launch new £415m cruise shipAFP/Getty

Meanwhile, in response to those wondering who would set sail on the doomed Costa Concordia's sister ship, Carnival's chief executive claims bookings are actually up.

Pier Luigi Foschi admitted there had been a slump in sales in the aftermath of the sinking, but that bookings were now higher than this time last year.

He told The Independent: "Starting from the middle of March we resumed our marketing activity. Bookings now are higher than we forecast, and higher than they were a year ago. The [customers] who knew us in the past have been loyal."

He added: "Come with confidence. This was a single, tragic accident unfortunately due to human error."

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