Volvo's 'mean green' truck breaks two world speed records

Let's face it, hybrid vehicles aren't really that exciting. And nor are HGVs. And nor are Volvos, if we're honest. So a hybrid Volvo HGV is unlikely to be the most riveting thing in the world.

Wrong. The Mean Green (above) is pretty awesome - it's a world speed record holder that's just recorded a standing kilometre and a flying kilometre faster than any truck before it.
At Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA, Mean Green recorded the former at 95mph and the latter at 147mph, sanctioned by the FIA, motoring's international governing body.

It actually took the records from itself, having achieved speeds of 94mph and 136mph in June 2011 at Hultsfred Airport in Sweden.

Despite its looks, the majority of Mean Green is standard production fayre, says Volvo (aside from the painted on grille and headlamps, obviously).

That said, the engine is a "highly tuned" version of the company's D16 diesel. And by "highly tuned," Volvo means it has 2,100bhp and 5,000lb.ft.

To use a common frame of reference, that's twice the Clarkson voice at the ready...of a Bugatti Veyron.

Around 200bhp of that power comes from an electric motor, making it a 'green' by definition, even though it's probably gulping diesel at a rate of gpm. That's gallons per mile.
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