Why taking a cruise could be bad for your waistline

Two weeks of fresh, sea air, sunshine and good food might sound like the perfect holiday but if you're heading for a sea-faring break this summer you could come home with more than just post-holiday blues.

holiday weight gain
holiday weight gain

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According to a new survey, many cruise passengers return to dry land weighed down by an extra stone.

The poll, by independent cruise travel agents Bonvoyage.co.uk, revealed that the combination of relaxation and readily available food means passengers quickly put on weight.

In fact, more than half of the 1,281 Brits who took part in the survey said they put on a pound a day over the course of a two-week cruise, leaving them a full stone heavier at the end of the holiday. An unlucky six per cent put on a whopping 18lbs.

It seems the temptation of fabulous food around the clock is just too much for the majority of sea-going holidaymakers. Of those polled, 84 per cent admitted they ate far more than normal while on board, while 31 per cent confessed to doubling their usual calorie intake.

Unsurprisingly, 41 per cent struggled to lose the extra pounds when they returned home.

Steph Curtin, cruise development manager at Bonvoyage.co.uk, told the Daily Mail: "I am as guilty as these respondents when it comes to indulging when on a cruise holiday, as the delicious food and drink on offer can be difficult to say no to.

"This is particularly the case when on an all-inclusive cruise, where you know that all of the tempting food on offer has already been paid for."

So if you are planning a cruise this year, it might pay to carefully consider your wardrobe - you never know when those larger sizes may come in handy.

What do you think? Do you worry about putting on weight while on holiday or forget the diet and over-indulge? Leave your comments below...