Virgin Holidays to sue The Voice?

Virgin Holidays to sue The Voice?Rex

Virgin Holidays have confirmed they are considering legal action against a possible "copyright infringement" by hit show The Voice, after it called its contestant waiting area the V-Room.

The moniker is the same as the holiday company's two "leisure lounges" at Gatwick and Manchester, and the move has reportedly thrown Virgin's customers into confusion about "which property is which".

Virgin has released a statement on the issue, which read: "Following the transmission of The Voice on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April, it has been brought to our attention that the contestant waiting area has been given the title V-Room.

"Virgin Holidays has two v-room leisure lounges at Gatwick and Manchester airports, the former of which has been open for more than four years. These lounges are exclusively for the use of Virgin Holidays customers, and are designed to give them a spacious, and well appointed area with a free buffet, a gaming zone for the kids, a space for infants and a bar for the adults, in which to relax with their families prior to catching their flight.

"They are extremely popular with our customers. We are the only holiday company in the UK to offer this service, and the v-room concept is an integral element of our Rockstar Service offering.

"In the light of this, and the confusion this is causing our customers who are questioning the motives of the BBC in online conversations because they are unsure which property is which; Virgin Holidays is currently exploring whether the use of the term in The Voice represents a copyright infringement and if it is proven to be so, will consider appropriate legal action."

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