Barclaycard Platinum Visa: A market leader

credit cardsThere's a new market-leading credit for purchases and balance transfers thanks to a revamp of the Barclaycard Platinum Visa.

Barclaycard has improved its Platinum Visa card so that it now offers 15 months of 0% interest on both purchases and balance transfers.
The move means that the card is now the top option in the all-round credit card space.
Here are the top nine cards offering identical interest-free periods on purchases and balance transfers:

*Available to current account holders only

Who are all-round credit cards best for?
All-round credit cards are good for borrowers who could do with avoiding interest for a while on their spending and existing debt, but don't want to go through the hassle of maintaining two separate credit cards, one for spending and one for balance transfers.

Going for an all-round credit card means just one balance to keep on top of, one statement to check each month, and most importantly, just one search on your credit report to worry about.

That's why I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in the Barclaycard 15/15 Platinum Visa.

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Can you do better?
You do pay a premium for that simplicity though.

You can get far longer interest-free periods, particularly in the balance transfer market, by going for a specialist card. If you need 22 months in order to clear the debt you've built up on your existing card, you'll be better off going for a specialist balance transfer card like the Barclaycard 22 month Platinum Visa.

Similarly, you can get a bit longer with a specialist purchase card, such as the Nationwide Select credit card, which boasts a 17-month 0% period.

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