Audi unveils fastest TT ever - the RS Plus

Audi has announced the fastest TT version ever - thanks to 355bhp and the raising of the electronic speed limiter.

Top speed is now 174 mph, up from the 155 mph of most fast Audis, BMWs and Mercedes. 0-62mph takes 4.1 seconds with the twin-clutch automatic, or 4.3 seconds with the manual gearbox. Roadster versions have the same top speed but take 0.1 seconds longer to 62mph.
The RS Plus offers increases of 20bhp and 11lb.ft of torque (pulling power) over the standard RS, which continues in production. Additional equipment over the RS includes 19-inch wheels (instead of 18-inch), a sports exhaust (described by Audi as "bass heavy" as if it was a pair of speakers), carbon fibre door mirror casings and a carbon fibre under bonnet kit.

Surely the latter is the strangest addition, as engines are no longer even visible under their plastic cladding, so wouldn't it be more radical to have a performance engine that you could actually see?

In addition, the RS Plus is fitted with the Technology Package which is optional on the standard car. This includes satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone preparation and Audi Music Interface iPod connection.

Prices run from £48,945 to £52,265, which represent a £3,085 premium over TT RS. Audi is taking orders now and the first UK deliveries will take place in the summer.
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