More than half of drivers can't change a flat tyre

Millions of drivers can't change a flat tyre, a survey by Kwik Fit has revealed.

The survey shows that an astonishing number of people wouldn't know what to do if they had a flat tyre - nor have the means to do anything even if they could.
Around nine million cars get a puncture every year, estimates Kwik Fit - approximately quarter of the number of cars on the road.

Yet 3% of survey respondents (which equals just over one million drivers, assuming the survey is a representative sample) admit to having no provision for a flat tyre at all, while 4% said they don't even know if they have a spare wheel in their car or not.

One in ten don't know whether their spare is a full sized one or a space saver, and of those who do have a spare, 10% don't have the necessary tools to change a tyre anyway.

A surprising 36% don't have a clue what to do with their tool kits, even though they know they've got one. A further 6% confirmed they have no tools, no spare wheel, and no idea what to do in any event.

Ergo, according to Kwik Fit, over half of UK motorists would be stranded if they got a flat tyre.

*Sales pitch alert*

Kwik Fit's Roger Griggs said: "There are clearly gaps in knowledge around how to change a tyre, and indeed many cars are missing tools, which means even if a spare is carried some motorists will struggle to swap it over.

"Changing a wheel is a skill that all drivers should have, and if anyone isn't confident enough to do so they can visit their local Kwik Fit centre and the team will happily walk them through it."

Because, you know, you can't get better than a Kwik Fit fitter.
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