Line-up announced for London's Salon Prive luxury car show

The Salon Privé will happen again in September, proving for the seventh year in a row that there is another half, and it likes to live a certain way.

For those not familiar with London's most conspicuously ostentatious car show...well, it's just that.
Due to be held at West London's prestigious Syon House, with tickets costing between £200 and £800 per person, it's a celebration of all things four wheeled, rare and/or expensive. We went once. Jay Kay was there and we ate lobster from a barbeque.

The organisers have announced that this year's focal points will be a massive display of Gulf-sponsored racing cars, and a celebration of 25 years of the iconic Ferrari F40.

And for all we've ostensibly cast aspersions on the show for its supercilious façade, those two things do sound absolutely awesome, aand when we went, we did really enjoy the atmosphere - it was a true celebration of cars.

The 2012 show will see more manufacturers displaying their stuff than ever, including AMG, Aston, Bentley, BMW, Eterniti, Ferrari, Jag and Mercedes. The last of those will have an SL Gullwing or two there, while the aforementioned Gulf display will be one of the largest ever seen.

A 'cars from the movies' display has been confirmed, too, including lots of Bond stuff (obviously), and some BTTF De Loreans.

If you've got a few hundred quid to spare and are free between 5-7 September, call 0808 100 2205 for tickets. Every 100th caller gets a free book about caviar* and a 25% discount coupon for a colon cleansing.**

*Not true.

**Not true either.
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