Jubilee hotel prices skyrocketing

LondonFamilies are facing huge price hikes to stay in hotels over the Queen's Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Average four-night hotel prices in London for the Jubilee weekend in early June are 54% more than for a four-night stay in May 2012, with some establishments charging 223% more, figures from bank group Santander showed.
Prices for the Jubilee weekend were 28% higher in Edinburgh hotels, but only 8% higher in Manchester.

Based on a family of four staying four nights from Saturday June 2, the figures showed that those splashing out on five-star accommodation in London would be paying an average of 81% more than they would for a four-night stay starting on Saturday May 12.

The Jubilee increase for those staying in three-star hotels in London is a more modest 26%.

Santander said the Jubilee rises were far higher in London than for last year's Royal Wedding period when a similar survey it conducted showed a 26% average hike in accommodation in the capital, with the highest rise being 113%.

Andy Smith of Santander said: "Demand for hotel rooms in London is likely to be fierce over the Jubilee weekend, so we'd expect to see inflated room rates, but the premiums our research has uncovered will price many families out of the capital altogether.

"Families hoping to book a hotel stay around June 6 (the first working day after the bank holiday) can still avoid some of the steeper premiums by shopping around for the best deal or if they have transportation, considering a location that is slightly less central."
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