Autoblog UK writer not crazy as unrestored 1959 Mini makes £40,250 at auction

1959 Autoblog Mini
Many laughed when Autoblog UK writer, Richard Bremner and a couple of friends paid £11,500 for this decrepit 1959 Mini 850 in 2010.

Well laugh no more, as the same car came up at a Bonhams auction in London today and has sold for a frankly amazing £40,250.
We've no idea who's bought this mostly complete, if tired example of Issigonis's finest. The 8th off the Longbridge line.

However we'd expect it to make the long trip east, where the Japanese go mad for early Classic Minis and where number 2 already lives.

We think such a significant car should stay in the UK, still, this price is a massive mark up on what Richard and friends paid two years ago.
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